Golden Visa

What is a Golden Visa? The Golden Visa is an investment program which allows non-European Union citizens streamlined Residency permits to live and work in Spain. It entitles freedom of movement throughout the Schengen area (most of the countries inside the European Union.)

How do you obtain one? The easiest way is by acquisition of real estate in Spain with an actual investment value of at least 500.000€ (not including loans or mortgages) Demonstrating full healthcare cover usually by obtaining private insurance for all relevant family members party to the visa and by proving and maintaining sufficient economic means to support the investor and or family.

How long does it last? In order to maintain the benefit of a Golden Visa, the investor must demonstrate continued ownership of the investment; either property, shares or public debt. (Note: the last two require significantly higher levels of investment) In addition, you must have visited Spain at least once during the course of each year. It must be renewed at periods of 1 year, then every 2 years and should you wish to do so after 10 years of legal residency, you would be eligible to apply for Spanish nationality.